The best professional Dota 2 games of all time

159 classic games. 12989 votes from users. 6 days 6 hours 2 minutes of world class Dota.


The International 2013
Upper Bracket Round 2
09 August 2013
48 minutes
Team DK

"The fun ends here!" - AM

Not at all!
Team DK's second game against the so far undefeated Alliance. After struggling in the first game they put their hope in BurNIng's Anti-Mage. Alliance counters their picks with a strong Alchemist and split push potential.
Team fights are crucial in this game and it shows: Fantastic fights from the beginning to the end that you want to watch over and over again, because there's just so much going on!


MLG Championship Columbus
25 November 2013
1 hour 1 minute
Speed Gaming International
Team DK

The third game in a best of 3, it's the final game of MLG Columbus.

Speed Gaming need to prove they can actually win a tournament, but DK won't make it easy for them! A match of great team fights, constant back and forth and great plays!
Clinkz rax-sniping is one of those moments of Dota that stays in your memory.


G-1 Champions League Season 5
Group Stage
24 May 2013
45 minutes
Team DK

Level 1 Rosh strat with TP scrolls!

Alliance try a very risky strategy to gain an early game advantage, but will it pay off? Either way one of the really great matches G-1 Champions League delivered. The team fights around Rosh pit and bot lane are entertaining throughout the whole game and some unusual chat banter after the match. Fun game!


The International 2012
Loser's Round 3
02 September 2012
1 hour
Orange Esports

The original Tiny Wisp.

It's not the first time the powerful Tiny + Io combination has been played, but one of the most prominent ones. EHOME are in deep trouble by Orange's strong team featuring a Morphling wrecking havoc among EHOME's supports. Can the team from China turn this around?

Don't miss the fantastic highlight video on this one! (very spoiler-y)


RaidCall EMS One Summer Season
11 June 2013
8 minutes
iNfernity Gaming

Alliance takes on Tobi's challenge for rax down in under 10 minutes.

A short, refreshing game. Alliance shows that they are definitely capable of dominating the early game, without having to resort to rat. If you have to kill 10 minutes watch the game, for 20 minutes start from the draft.
Also, no highlight video since the main link is basically that.


The Frankfurt Major 2015
Upper Bracket Finals
20 November 2015
1 hour 8 minutes
Evil Geniuses
Team Secret

Who needs speed if you can have dps instead?

Two of the top teams of the time meet in the Upper Bracket Finals of the Frankfurt Major. It's a great game with fantastic team fights from the beginning onwards and an incredibly good ending. ppd decides that he doesn't need any items until minute ten, pieliedie does some high risk scouting and a certain someone loses his boots in exchange for more damage.
Sure to leave you with a big grin on your face afterwards, this game is definitely worth the watch!


The International 2017
Lower Bracket Round 4
10 August 2017
1 hour 43 minutes
Team Liquid

"This is only game 1 - this is insane!"

100+ minutes of constant struggle for dominance from VP and Liquid. The gold graph looks like a mountain range with deep ravines between every one of them. There are quite a few moments where you think the game's decided, but it isn't. The late game comes and it's an absolute stalemate between the two teams. The casters start discussing end game item changes, the battlefield is completely mapped by wards and couriers are bought, scouted out and killed every other minute.
The final push comes quickly and with so many twists you won't be able to tell who will win until the very last seconds.
Goes right down to the wire.


MLG Championship Columbus
24 November 2013
1 hour 5 minutes
Natus Vincere
Team DK

DK are one win ahead in a best of 3 against Na'Vi, but that won't discourage the team from Ukraine.

In a pretty even match the advantage seems to shift ever so lightly between teams every few minutes.
Still, as the match continues the shifts become bigger and bigger. In the end it's one item that helps one team overpower the other. Guess which! ;)
A fantastically entertaining game with a great ending!


The International 2018
Upper Bracket Round 2
23 August 2018
53 minutes
Evil Geniuses

EG surprises with a Tiny last pick.
A fun early game, evolving into a heavily one sided mid-game makes you think it's already decided. Dota 2 Plus shows a slightly higher win chance for the underdog though...
It's really a question of whether the AI is to be trusted or if it's full of baloney.

Strong teamfights, big buybacks and fun banter - you're in for a treat!


The International 2013
Upper Bracket Round 1
08 August 2013
1 hour 2 minutes
LGD Gaming

"Kills mean nothing! Throne is everything!"

It's only game 1, but both teams play a game like they would during the Finals. High energy team fights, fantastic surprise ganks and a nail-biter of an end. What a great match!

On a side note, I (Paul) downloaded the original video, because the out of sync audio bothered me so much. I fixed the audio (a pain, honestly) and uploaded a proper version to Youtube. The game's well worth it, though! =)


The International 2022
Lower Bracket Round 1
20 October 2022
1 hour 47 minutes
Royal Never Give Up

An instant classic. 1 of the greatest games ever played at TI. it's 1 hour and 47 minutes long and you have no clue who's going to win until the end. a position 4 buys a rapier which turns out to be the first of many rapiers bought in this game. There are insane and disastrous plays. Crazy support builds. On paper RNGs draft looks stronger in the lategame than Entity's zoo draft which seems more suited to push/snowball oriented play, but the game is incredibly tense and it feels like anyone could win off of a single mistake. Impossible not to enjoy.


RaidCall EMS One Spring Season
12 February 2013
55 minutes

Fnatic shows everyone what a real rat game is all about. Split pushing with Meepo and Nature's Prophet they outmanoeuvre VP's defenses and seem to give no chance to attack. Suddenly there's a Rapier and things are about to blow up. Will VP be able to withstand the assault and get a chance to push back for the win?

A tense game with many pauses and quite a bit of salt.


Korean Dota League Season 1
Tier 2 Group Stage
23 March 2014
20 minutes
Eyes of Tiger
Team Nemesis

Level 1 rosh into five man push, laning phase gets completely skipped. Welcome to Korean Dota.


Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015
Loser's Round 3
07 February 2015
42 minutes
Team Secret

After taking game #1 Cloud9 dominates the early game of this one as well, leaving Secret to barely hang on. A loss would eliminate them from the tournament. Nevertheless they make the most out of their push potential with a farmed Lycan. Secret keeps pressuring C9, but clearly pays for it in team fight potential.

The actual ending of the game is abrupt, surprising and wonderfully absurd. A fantastic watch!


ESL One Frankfurt 2014
29 June 2014
28 minutes
Invictus Gaming
Evil Geniuses

If there ever was a "perfect game" for a team in Dota 2 this is probably it.

One of the best 3rd party tournaments of Dota 2 IG is up against EG. It's a short but brilliant game where everything goes right for one of the teams. No errors made, no chances missed. It's the perfect game.

Short, entertaining, a record of teamwork in perfection.