The best professional Dota 2 games of all time

153 classic games. 12273 votes from users. 5 days 22 hours 38 minutes of world class Dota.


The International 2018
China Main Qualifiers Semi-finals
20 June 2018
1 hour 10 minutes
Invictus Gaming

Prepare for the long awaited return of DAC 2017 form Xxs, who now plays mid lane, Aggresif more than living up to his name and Boboka picking an obscure hero and proceeding to make it look utterly game breaking in multiple instances... aka, being Boboka. FTD come out swinging in game 2, and take IG to their limit, and then past it.
Action packed late game until the crazy ending.


The International 2015
Lower Bracket Round 3
06 August 2015
55 minutes
Team Secret

The underdogs take on the favourites of the tournament in an intense game with breath-taking end game fights and great split-pushing. G going ham on his Storm Spirit and VP using their trademark Drow+Visage combo. Overall a great game to watch by some of the best players in the world.


ESL One Katowice 2018
Group B, Winner's Finals
22 February 2018
49 minutes
Team Secret

- TobiWan

It's a pretty even game between these world class teams with none of them making any fatal mistakes. Great ganks early on, multiple builds that haven't been seen in a while and an ending that is... interesting to say the least.


Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament 2013
Qualifiers Group D
11 July 2013
17 minutes
FlipSid3 Tactics
Keita Gaming

Push/Heal-strat and hilarious missuse of blade mail.

This game is played during a time where pro Dota 2 often consisted of long games with Tinker slowly split-pushing the enemy to bits. The way he's countered in this game is quite effective, punishing the enemy team for relying solely on the tactic. It's one of the great, funny games that are often overlooked.

Lie back and enjoy the show.


The International 2014
South East Asia Qualifiers
17 May 2014
55 minutes
Scythe Gaming

The game of the Rubick rampage.


StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4
Group Stage
02 February 2018
1 hour 8 minutes
Team Kinguin

ODPixel: "This game's not over. This game is not over."
Luminous: "Eehh... It's over. It's over. Haha. I mean - it's over."
Narrator: It wasn't over...

Team Kinguin are back 0-1 in a bo3 and need to get this game. Mineski is sporting a few good heroes, but weirdly enough also an Outworld Devourer in safe lane, who rushes a meteor hammer out of all items and kind of seems lost half the time.
This is one of those really unique games that simply stands out of the crowd by being completely different from what you'd expect.



XMG Captains Draft 2.0
Round Robin
31 October 2014
1 hour 3 minutes
Evil Geniuses
Team Secret

Amazing comeback!


2013 WPC ACE Dota 2 League
Qualifiers Week 2
03 October 2013
1 hour 8 minutes
LGD Gaming
SingStars Gaming

Medusa game really showcases how important farm is on supports in lategame.


Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018
Lower Stage Finals
07 April 2018
51 minutes
LGD Gaming

Everything is on the line. This is the deciding match in the lower bracket final at the Dota Asia Championship 2018. Local favourites LGD need to reach the final in order to qualify for TI8 and to stand a chance of giving China its first major winner. They face the consensus best team in the world, Virtus Pro, who are going for their third straight major win. LGD pick fast-paced lineup built around Maybe's Leshrac whilst Virtus Pro go for a more balanced draft with a Ramzes Terrorblade. This game features a fast start, several changes of momentum and a sublime play which sets up a dramatic victory and sends TobiWan into a high-pitched frenzy.


The International 2011
Winner's Finals
20 August 2011
23 minutes
Scythe Gaming
Natus Vincere

All In or nothing.


Electronic Sports World Cup 2011
25 October 2011
1 hour 1 minute
(monkey) Business
Natus Vincere

One of the very first great - REALLY GREAT - pro Dota 2 matches.


ESL One Frankfurt 2015
20 June 2015
30 minutes
Team Secret

Techies and Tusk combination turns into a very entertaining game for the crowd.


ESL One New York 2015
Euro Qualifiers, Semifinals
05 September 2015
56 minutes
Team Empire
Ninjas in Pyjamas

The closest base race in competitive Dota.


Reshuffle Madness
Upper Bracket Finals
01 October 2018
1 hour 8 minutes
Gambit Esports

One of the biggest throws in recent times.

A back and forth slugfest between a farmed Spectre and a farmed Huskar, with some incredible Rubick plays from Insania. No matter how sure you might be which team is going to win, it's going to change every few minutes again. The game could go either way down to the last 30 seconds.


The Premier League Season 4
League Play, Week 6
17 March 2013
1 hour 3 minutes
Team Liquid

In The Premier league Team Liquid goes up against Fnatic in the third and final game of this series. An amazing match.