The best professional Dota 2 games of all time

150 classic games. 11576 votes from users. 5 days 19 hours 56 minutes of world class Dota.


Alienware Cup
Group A
23 June 2013
27 minutes
LGD Gaming
LGD International

The whole game a glorified rosh fight. Neither team ever settles in any lane, 5 man ancients at lvl 1, 8 minute long rosh fight.


The International 2015
Group Stage
27 July 2015
1 hour 6 minutes
LGD Gaming

There are a lot of comebacks and rapier plays in Dota, but no other was this ballsy.


Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 3
29 September 2014
48 minutes
compLexity Gaming
Sneaky Nyx Assassins

Kill score of 59-58 in 48 minutes. KOTL guy's Sound Board got a lot more famous with this match.


DreamLeague Season 8
Grand Finals
03 December 2017
1 hour 12 minutes
Team Liquid
Team Secret

MidOne does Attacker proud with a core Kunkka in a game that stays close despite a massive kill gap.


G-1 Champions League Season 4
Qualifiers, Group A
15 October 2012
47 minutes
Sequential Gaming
Evil Geniuses

When people talk about EG throwing, this is THE THROW that started it all.


The International 2015
Lower Bracket Round 3
06 August 2015
55 minutes
Team Secret

The underdogs take on the favourites of the tournament in an intense game with breath-taking end game fights and great split-pushing. G going ham on his Storm Spirit and VP using their trademark Drow+Visage combo. Overall a great game to watch by some of the best players in the world.


The International 2017
Upper Bracket Round 2
10 August 2017
52 minutes
LGD.Forever Young

LGD.Forever Young, the youngsters from China who dominated the group stage at TI7, take on the CIS powerhouse of with a top 3 finish at TI7 on the line. Game 1 mirrored their group stage matchup as LFY decimated VP in quick fashion. With their backs against the wall, VP went for a less flashy lineup that included Viper and Disruptor. LFY answered with a Pugna, Faceless Void and Nature's Prophet lineup. Nevertheless, the game became an intense back-and-forth affair before VP secured themselves a 12k gold lead and began knocking on LFY's door. Still, LFY would not back down and drove the game into further chaos. Intense team fights, fantastic wombo combos, and a clutch Aegis steal make this game worthwhile to watch.


The International 2014
South East Asia Qualifiers
17 May 2014
55 minutes
Scythe Gaming

The game of the Rubick rampage.


XMG Captains Draft 2.0
Round Robin
31 October 2014
1 hour 3 minutes
Evil Geniuses
Team Secret

Amazing comeback!


ESL One Frankfurt 2015
20 June 2015
30 minutes
Team Secret

Techies and Tusk combination turns into a very entertaining game for the crowd.


ESL One New York 2015
Euro Qualifiers, Semifinals
05 September 2015
56 minutes
Team Empire
Ninjas in Pyjamas

The closest base race in competitive Dota.


The Manila Masters 2017
Loser's Finals
28 May 2017
1 hour 18 minutes
Evil Geniuses
Team NP

Super-DPS vs Super-Tanky

It's quite a drawn out game with one team desperately trying to get enough damage and the other one trying to be as tanky as can be. There's a lot of control heroes and no team seems to get the upper hand any one time. The teamfights are exhausting with a few losses on each side and immediate pullback to safety. It may sound like a drag, but the game has its moments. If you stick around you are rewarded with:
- Clockwork working wonderfully
- Sumail trusting his instincts with a big pay off
- a different kind of black hole
- double egg Phoenix game changer
- an ending that is as surprising as not many others


2013 WPC ACE Dota 2 League
Qualifiers Week 2
03 October 2013
1 hour 8 minutes
LGD Gaming
SingStars Gaming

Medusa game really showcases how important farm is on supports in lategame.


Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament 2013
Qualifiers Group D
11 July 2013
17 minutes
FlipSid3 Tactics
Keita Gaming

Push/Heal-strat and hilarious missuse of blade mail.

This game is played during a time where pro Dota 2 often consisted of long games with Tinker slowly split-pushing the enemy to bits. The way he's countered in this game is quite effective, punishing the enemy team for relying solely on the tactic. It's one of the great, funny games that are often overlooked.

Lie back and enjoy the show.


The International 2011
Winner's Finals
20 August 2011
23 minutes
Scythe Gaming
Natus Vincere

All In or nothing.