The best professional Dota 2 games of all time

140 classic games. 10715 votes from users. 5 days 11 hours 23 minutes of world class Dota.


NVIDIA Game 24
19 September 2014
1 hour 7 minutes
Team Tinker

Game 5 in a Bo5. Naked throne on both sides and two rapiers. Definitely one of the highlights of this amazing series.


ESL One Frankfurt 2014
29 June 2014
28 minutes
Invictus Gaming
Evil Geniuses

If there ever was a "perfect game" for a team in Dota 2 this is probably it.

One of the best 3rd party tournaments of Dota 2 IG is up against EG. It's a short but brilliant game where everything goes right for one of the teams. No errors made, no chances missed. It's the perfect game.

Short, entertaining, a record of teamwork in perfection.


StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4
Group Stage
02 February 2018
1 hour 8 minutes
Team Kinguin

ODPixel: "This game's not over. This game is not over."
Luminous: "Eehh... It's over. It's over. Haha. I mean - it's over."
Narrator: It wasn't over...

Team Kinguin are back 0-1 in a bo3 and need to get this game. Mineski is sporting a few good heroes, but weirdly enough also an Outworld Devourer in safe lane, who rushes a meteor hammer out of all items and kind of seems lost half the time.
This is one of those really unique games that simply stands out of the crowd by being completely different from what you'd expect.



The International 2013
Lower Bracket Round 4
10 August 2013
44 minutes
Team DK
Orange Esports

The finale of an outstanding series, with a risky and unorthodox Ursa + Magnus combination from Orange. DK is always on the lookout for a sneaky Rosh by Orange and meanwhile try to hold on to get their Phantom Lancer and Alchemist the farm they need to win the game. A game of ridiculous high energy teamfights.


ProDOTA2 Pro League Season 1
Qualifiers Europe
23 June 2012
22 minutes

89 kills in 22 minutes!

Darer and mousesports go against each other in an incredibly bloody match leading to an average of one kill every 15 seconds. Both teams are super aggressive and determined to win, disregarding any losses. The result is a tightly packed game with countless, highly entertaining team fights.
If you like Rambo this match is pretty much the Dota 2 equivalent.


The International 2016
Group Stage
05 August 2016
1 hour 7 minutes
Evil Geniuses

How times have changed...

Alliance meets EG and has to watch out to not get ratted. It's a pretty even game for most of the time (except the beginning shortly), but still very amusing with interesting heroes, plays and turns. Good watch overall.
You really want to watch it for the ending though, which is absolutely ridiculous.
Ding, ding, ding, motherf*ckers!


ESL One Manila 2016
Group Stage, Group B
23 April 2016
1 hour 12 minutes
Team Empire
Team Secret

Not a single rax falls until over 60 minutes in the game. 5-Man Black Hole. Rubick has the time of his life - stealing spells left an right. Still, the game stays close pretty much the whole time. All-around great match.

Bonus: Darkseer+long game=particle madness. Flaming Spectre, Divine Tidehunter.


The International 2015
Lower Bracket Round 2
05 August 2015
56 minutes
Invictus Gaming
Team Secret

The legend of the BurNIng Anti-Mage continues.

Team Secret is up against Invictus Gaming in their first game of the lower bracket. Team Secret seems at quite an advantage from the beginning onwards, leaving only spare space to farm for IG's struggling core heroes. Will Secret secure their well-deserved victory or can Invictus make a come back?


The Kiev Major 2017
29 April 2017
54 minutes
Evil Geniuses
SG e-sports

The Kiev Major was wonderful for the matches but what stood out the most is definitely the success of SG e-sports, the first South American team that fought their way into a major competition. This is their deciding third game against a sweating Evil Geniuses.

Up until this tournament most pro teams were were formed in North America, Europe and South East Asia, with South America albeit high player numbers being considered sub-par to the established elite. SG e-sports managed to turn this sentiment around with their incredible performance. Beating, against all odds, another major pro team in the previous round and showing the resilience, teamwork and dedication of world class.
The most exciting and disputed match of the Kiev Major and one of the best matches of 2017, with incredible plays from both teams. A match that will stay forever in our hearts.


G-League 2013
Group Stage, Group A
10 December 2013
48 minutes
Team DK

The comeback of Naga Radiance rush presented by Meracle.


G-1 Champions League Season 5
Phase Two Round 1
24 April 2013
15 minutes

Alliance push strat featuring AXE.


ESL One New York 2014
09 October 2014
1 hour 13 minutes
Evil Geniuses

Insane back and forth endgame. No definitive winner until last seconds.


The Frankfurt Major 2015
European Qualifiers
13 October 2015
54 minutes
Ninjas in Pyjamas

Intense mega creep comeback, game 2.


Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015
Winner's Round 1
05 February 2015
59 minutes
Big God

Wherein a certain team throws a 30000 gold lead.


G-League 2012 Season 2
Qualifiers Group A
29 December 2012
1 hour 15 minutes
LGD Gaming
Team DK

Burning vs Sylar at its best - PL vs AM. Truly deserving of the epic tag.

A good indication of an overpowered hero is when he receives a special nickname by the community (mostly used by those on the receiving end of the pain). This game was played during a time where Phantom Lancer was mostly referred to as "Cancer Lancer", since his split-push potential was fantastic and he was quite hard to control.
DK try to utilize this newly buffed hero and LGD counter with their own Anti Mage pick for Burning who's famous for wrecking havoc with AM. Cue an amazing game with the constant question: Whose carry is going to be the last one standing?