The best professional Dota 2 games of all time

153 classic games. 12273 votes from users. 5 days 22 hours 38 minutes of world class Dota.


StarLadder StarSeries Season 09
Winner's Bracket Round 1
18 April 2014
1 hour 8 minutes
Evil Geniuses

Fantastically close game including a support Silencer and a beautiful wombo combo. Impossible to tell who wins until the end.


The International 2016
Lower Bracket Round 2
09 August 2016
59 minutes
TNC Pro Team

Backstory: TI6. TnC are a small team from the Philippines. Most think they should feel blessed for BEING at TI, and everyone belives OG (the great favorite, multiple majors winning team) will kick them out. Except game 1 happens (it's great too btw). TnC pull out some crazy shenanigans and with a rollercoaster gold/xp graph they manage a double comeback, winning.

The drafting for game 2 is interesting. OG pull out a classic Tiny-Io duo, and TnC answers with a drow strat, featuring Huskar and Dazzle. The game starts badly for them, but the 15k gold deficit is not felt, at all. The teamfights are INCREDIBLE with both teams pulling out every last card. The game has insane chronos, rapiers, base races, mind games. Dota 2 at its finest!


The International 2016
Group Stage
05 August 2016
1 hour 7 minutes
Evil Geniuses

How times have changed...

Alliance meets EG and has to watch out to not get ratted. It's a pretty even game for most of the time (except the beginning shortly), but still very amusing with interesting heroes, plays and turns. Good watch overall.
You really want to watch it for the ending though, which is absolutely ridiculous.
Ding, ding, ding, motherf*ckers!


DreamLeague Season 7
Grand Finals
22 July 2017
58 minutes
Planet Odd
Team Liquid

This game has a little bit of everything. A crazy back and forth throughout the game, Miracle Invoker, GH Earthshaker, and W33 Timbersaw. ODPixel gives one of his best casts, and W33 plays one of his best games. All around a fun and exciting game, setting the tone for a crazy series that would end up going to 5 games.


The International 2015
EU Qualifiers, Group B
29 May 2015
1 hour 13 minutes
Natus Vincere
Vega Squadron

Epic Dendi Magnus and XBOCT Gyro Rapier combo.


The International 2014
Lower Bracket Round 4
20 July 2014
45 minutes
Vici Gaming
Evil Geniuses

EG demonstrates why Universe is considered one of the world's best Faceless Void players.


The International 2013
Lower Bracket Finals
11 August 2013
47 minutes
Natus Vincere
Orange Esports

The game where Aegis gets denied.


The International 2015
Grand Finals
09 August 2015
39 minutes
Evil Geniuses
CDEC Gaming

The 6 Million Dollar Echo Slam Game.

The first International finale that could come close to beating the fantastic TI3 finale in popularity. EG has the US and European fanbase behind them while CDEC gather Chinese and SEA fans. It's a fulminant clash and both teams give their very best to earn the title of best Dota 2 team. A fantastic back and forth, ending with a bang!

Highly recommended watch if you haven't seen it already! And if you have... just watch it again! It's worth it!


G-League 2013
Qualifiers Group B
16 December 2013
49 minutes
Vici Gaming


If Meracle was town this would be the game that put him on the map.
Get in the spirit of Christmas and join the merry folks at G-League for a wonderful match, full of christmas rocker-y back and forths, jolly teamfights and holiday spirit. It's the most wonderful time of the year after all!


V Games Tournament
Grand Finals
25 June 2014
1 hour 11 minutes
Team DK

Iceiceice tactical feeding.


The International 2015
Lower Bracket, Round 2
05 August 2015
1 hour 10 minutes
Vici Gaming

We have yet to see as good a Rubick play and so many of them as in this match.


EPICENTER Major 2019
Lower Bracket Round 1
25 June 2019
51 minutes
Evil Geniuses

OG and EG play an amazing game of Dota in a BO1 elimination game at Epicenter Major 2019.
OG, playing with Sockshka in place of NoTail, draft Slark for Ana despite not being a meta pick.
The game has very even push and pull between the two teams and the game comes down to the last 10 minutes; the two teams are looking to engage around the third roshan, and while each side is looking for a favorable engagement, EG is forced to defend the split push from Cebs Furion.
The way that OG use rosh to force EG into taking a bad fight is brilliant.


The Summit 2
All-Star Match
06 December 2014
1 hour 15 minutes

Without a doubt, the best All-Star game ever played. This game had EVERYTHING.


GESC: Indonesia
17 March 2018
1 hour 18 minutes
Natus Vincere

The most even match to see in a long time between Fnatic and Na'Vi.

Both teams collide in Game 1 of the GESC: Indonesia Quarterfinals. It's the fight for Roshan that is at the center of this game at all times. Both teams are constantly so close in experience, gold and kills you really can't tell who - if anyone - ever has the upper hand. Each fight is could be the end, but it's a long time before these teams break their stalemate.
A wonderfully tense game until the very end!


StarLadder StarSeries Season 12
Europe Group Stage 1
20 March 2015
3 hours 20 minutes

The longest game in pro Dota 2 history. Glorious and frustrating in equal measure. Some say EternalEnvy still has nightmares about it. HOHO! HAHA!