The best professional Dota 2 games of all time

151 classic games. 12200 votes from users. 5 days 21 hours 40 minutes of world class Dota.


RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 3
21 June 2013
1 hour 7 minutes
Natus Vincere



Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament 2013
Loser's Finals
25 July 2013
1 hour 36 minutes

At the time this was one of the longest matches in pro Dota 2 history and the game engine had trouble handling any games that long.

The result is glitches and errors the longer the match progresses. It's a fun game to watch with good fights between these pretty even teams and a bonus of player chatter and commentator fun when the map goes crazy later on. Good game!


The International 2012
Qualifiers Semifinals
07 June 2012
1 hour 13 minutes

"Game of the month! Game of a lifetime! That was amazing!" - Tobi
"That was absolutely crazy!" - SyndereN


EPICENTER Major 2019
Grand Finals
30 June 2019
1 hour 4 minutes
Vici Gaming
Team Liquid

The best match of the entire tournament, an insane comeback with interesting strategies. Just an example of everything that makes Dota great.


The International 2013
Eastern Qualifiers, Group A
20 May 2013
52 minutes
First Departure

Meracle played wisp, out of seemingly nowhere. And proceeded to make some plays.


WePlay Dota2 League Season 2
2nd Group Stage, Group A
15 October 2013
51 minutes
Speed Gaming International

No hard carry for Speed Gaming who take it late against the Alliance, winner of the International 2013 two months ago.


The Kiev Major 2017
29 April 2017
54 minutes
Evil Geniuses
SG e-sports

The Kiev Major was wonderful for the matches but what stood out the most is definitely the success of SG e-sports, the first South American team that fought their way into a major competition. This is their deciding third game against a sweating Evil Geniuses.

Up until this tournament most pro teams were were formed in North America, Europe and South East Asia, with South America albeit high player numbers being considered sub-par to the established elite. SG e-sports managed to turn this sentiment around with their incredible performance. Beating, against all odds, another major pro team in the previous round and showing the resilience, teamwork and dedication of world class.
The most exciting and disputed match of the Kiev Major and one of the best matches of 2017, with incredible plays from both teams. A match that will stay forever in our hearts.


DreamHack Dota 2 Invitational
Grand Finals
18 April 2013
33 minutes
Team Dignitas

Base race between Rapier-Gyrocopter and empowered bear 30 minutes in.


BeyondTheSummit World Tour
Qualifiers Group C
23 July 2012
6 minutes
Moscow Five

The shortest game in pro Dota 2 history.

Need a really, really quick fix of Dota 2? Here you go. The draft is longer than the actual match.
It's also a great display of how a pro team is able to shut down another team of lesser skill effectively. It's a forced win through demotivating and leading the enemy team to believe there is no chance to recover.


The Defense Season 2
Loser's Round 4
09 August 2012
22 minutes
Potm Bottom

"Mousesports... Not! Your! Base!" Classic old-Mouz dives past T3 towers less than 5 mins into the game.


Captains Draft 4.0
07 January 2018
50 minutes
Vici Gaming
Team Secret

In the Finals of Captain's Draft 4.0 Team Secret is down 2-1 in a bo5 against Vici Gaming. With a strong line up on both sides it's all about getting the upper hand in ganks and teamfights. VG is up 20k gold at one point, but it wouldn't be Dota if this would be the end of it.
Great teamfights and a fantastic drive by both teams to gain absolute advantage guarantee a very enjoyable match!

Also featuring: tanky Rubick, Echo Slam on creeps and great stats-information by SirActionSlacks


The Summit 1
Loser's Round 1
07 June 2014
1 hour 11 minutes
Natus Vincere North America
Natus Vincere

Crazy invoker game by Dendi, no deaths in 70 minutes.


The Chongqing Major 2019
EU Qualifiers, Loser's Finals
30 November 2018
43 minutes
Team Liquid

A milestone game for Kuroky, in which he gains the title of only player to play every hero in a professional game, but it is Alliance that makes this game great. What initially looks like a clown draft turns out to be a massive wombo combo draft. This game goes back and forth, hinging on every single teamfight right up until the end.


The International 2016
Lower Bracket Finals
13 August 2016
48 minutes
Digital Chaos
Evil Geniuses

High stakes, crazy game.

The draft seems pretty straight forward, but what DC makes of it is unexpected to say the least. EG is under constant pressure from split pushes, psychologically brought low by constant harasses and kiting by their highly mobile enemy. With superior vision control, DC seems almost impossible to stop. Can the winner of the last International fight their way into the 2016 Grand Finals as well?

A fantastic game featuring a team EG that refuses to give up, great mind games by DC and an ending as tense as few others!


The Defense Season 4
Grand Finals
24 July 2013
24 minutes
Natus Vincere

Farming Venomancer, a support Alchemist, hilarious rotations, two heroes dying to neutrals,... - probably the whackiest Grand Final match to this point.

One of the clowniest and funniest matches of all time with the superb commentary by Tobi and Synd.